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  welcome to our  Web site

We started our cruise in December 2004

Join us on our adventures sailing around Australia and hopefully further a field.

We have a twenty year dream and we invite you to check our website and see how we are progressing.  CURRENT LOCATION


Ten plus years ago we had a dream, to travel extensively, be self sufficient and see as much as we could before we got too old.

The choice of transport was a last minute change as we both used to get very seasick, but are now enjoying our new home and the opportunities it offers.

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Gone Cruising  highlights

For interest

Sailing lets us visit places that others do not normally see - our highlight was anchoring off Pearson Island, S.A. where we were the only humans on the island along with seals, penguins, birds, rock wallabies, etc.

Sailing is a great way to meet people.  Sailing makes one appreciate how much waste we have in normal land based life. - we are self-sufficient in power and can only fit what can be used onto the boat.

Sailing teaches us patience- it is not the destination but the journey that is important. -Our highlight was the Great Australian Bight, I keep pinching myself that we actually have achieved this.



Next G Phone and Internet -  Excellent coverage, even able to surf the web for weather updates or EBay bargains underway. How its setup and FAQs  also now run a Signal booster also

Upgrades done in 2011    - New Raymarine E120 Nav System with a 4Kw Radar and 600 watt Depth sounder, Raymarine S3G Autopilot System.Chain counter New 2500 watt pure signwave Inverter charger system, Upgraded Air Con, and a Dive Cylinder recharger. Aso upgraded the Solar system to 1500 Watts of Panels  6 x 250 watts and a Morning Star TriStar MPPT Regulator to suit

Layout and plans for Cockatoo II

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